When will training start? 

Training will begin a few weeks after high school season ends, around the end of October, first of November; two nights week until first of December.  We will then start back up in mid-January.  If your child is a trapped 8th grader, she will have the opportunity to play on the SQC Fall team.

How many are on the roster and will there be a defined “A” and “B” team?

The roster will consist of 22 players, and will play academy style.  Only 16 girls will attend each game.  The girls will rotate during the late Fall season showcases and games but will then see more consistency in the Spring season.

Who will the team play?

SQC will play in local and regional competitive leagues that will play against some of the area’s top teams.

How many games and showcases will the girls play?

The team will play in at least three different leagues and five showcases allowing more playing time for each player.

How much travel is involved?

The team will possibly play in one showcase in Canton, OH and two showcases in Indy (one each season).   League games and other showcases will be within the Ohio South Region (Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati).

Who will train the team?

We have licensed trainers that will train the team and handle game management (coaching during games).

Can my kid participate in another sport?

We still allow the kids to participate in another sport during the winter season (basketball, swim team, etc).  We do ask that if the child does participate in a Spring sport (track, LAX, etc), we ask that soccer is their top priority.

What is the cost to play SQC?

The cost will be approx.. $1500.  Payment plans will be available.  The cost includes all trainings, games, showcases, field rentals, league fees,  ref fees, etc.  The only other cost would be the uniform.